This page has pictures of random
weirdness and stuff. Enjoy!
andom Stuff
I have fought with different
groups for years. I was
recently asked how to make
padded stuff, so here are some
of my padded weapons. The
polearm is just over six feet,
and all here are made for
some type of LARP. The big
hammer, and the short axe, do
not have padded handles, and
the flamberge is padded, but
meant for armoured fighting. I
have made more, but this is
stuff I still own.
My Mum, Myself, and My
Aunt at The Rennaissance
Faire of the Midlands,
Council Bluffs, Iowa. June
of 2005. It was a beautiful
day out at Westfair
Amphitheater, And we
had a blast. I like the old
location better, but at least
out here there are no
modern buildings. And
there was BEER! Mom
and my Aunt are both
wearing bags and ring
belts I made for them.