The knives pictured here are all my own work. I make the blades, fittings,
and scabbards myself. Occasionally I will use fittings and such made by
someone else, and these pieces will be labelled accordingly. But the blades,
Ah,,,,the blades. The blades are mine.
Bocote and solid Brass
Scottish style dirk. Made
for my father. Ballock
style grip, full length
tang, and velvet lined
Thanks for the pics, dad.
Norse style
Sword-Hilted dagger.
Walnut with solid
Nickel fittings on hilt
and scabbard. Full
length tang, with solid
Nickel "Long Ship"
Purpleheart with copper collar, pins,
and thong hole. About 10" overall.
Partial length tang.
The first knife I ever
made. Full length
tang, Walnut and
Cherry handle, with
Bronze pommel and
guard. Black leather
scabbard is mounted
with a piece of
Chinese Tourquoise.
Took forever to finish.
About 12" long overall.
A gift for my brother.
Man, I give him some
cool stuff......
Teak sculpted handle,
Hematite skull-crusher
pommel, Sterling Silver
bezel. Black Suede grip.
About 20" overall. The
first knife I ever sold.
Full length tang.
While I have been trained by the
American Bladesmith's Society to
forge using traditional methods, these
were all made before that training.
They are all ground from steel cutting
files, are quite hard, and take an
excellent sharp edge.