I call this the "Dragon Guard" helmet.
I intend to make light armour and
equipment to match it. I will also be
making -eventually- A "Dragon
Tamer" helmet and equipment.
This was supposed to be a
Dwarven style helm, but
everybody said his beard
looked like the gill-man
from "Creature From the
Black Lagoon" !   I think it
looks great, but future
models will have a slightly
different beard.
All horselord helms have
a ring on the inside of
each cheekplate. A
thong, or small buckle of
some kind, is all that is
needed to hold the helm
in place on your head.
The plates float on heavy
garment leather tabs, so
they can fit a wide
variety of heads. Since
the closure is up by the
chin, there is little
discomfort on the throat.
This is currently called a "Visored
Cap". It was meant to be a general,
"town guard" type helm. Light
weight, with holes along the back for
a camelle, and the ocular ( which
does not raise ) helps protect glasses
when LARP fighting.
This was the first Horselord style helm I made, and was a gift for my brother a few years ago. Heavily tooled, with
thick garment leather lining the cheekplates, this represents a very high-end piece. The stitching across the cheeks and
sides of the skull is a special style, making each section of sinew into a tear drop shape. It takes about twice as long to
use this stitch as it does with regular stitching.
This helmet style is based upon the helms worn by the warriors of Rohan, as seen in the "Lord of the Rings" movies.
While I am going my own artistic direction with these, the distinctive shape of the web that forms the sides of the skull
was used heavily by Weta Workshops. Good on ya mates, ya done a bonzer job! It may be a historically documented
shape, but I have not seen it anywhere else before in quite this pattern. Although it does make a very nice Celtic helm
as well.

I had played with crest designs similar to these before, and was never happy with them, but when the time came to
make this piece it all fell together. The crests are made from multiple layers of leather, stitched together and then
evened out on the edges. Please note: the way this crest attaches to the skull is different than the newer ones, you will
not see it again. It is by no means a lesser mechanism, the new one is just easier to assemble.
Thanks to my brother for the professional photos. The helmet stand is quite a piece too.     
A Horselord style helm
with white horsehair plume
and stallion crest, and brass
Detail of side.
You can see the
sides of the neck
defence, showing
a different
shining sun motif.
The same pattern
is used on both
sides of the helm.
Detail of
Another Horselord style helm. This
one with a prominent forward crest.
Detail of neck
defence. The
horse figures very
highly in Rohan
culture, and a
running horse
freedom and spirit.

Detail of crest.
This one uses a
similar motif as
the one on the
left side of the
page, but has
more shape.
The same helm, showing the
shape of the neck defence.
A different sunburst motif.  This one
was tooled, and then textured. I
decided not to paint this one gold, but
that will be an option available on
future customer orders.
Same helm as above,
showing the nasal detail.
The nasal was tooled using
simple cut techniques, and
the sunburst was painted
with a bright gold acrylic,
and sealed.  
Here is my newest helmet design. It is
based on a helmet I found in a French
reference book, and is called a "Salade
De Fantassin" C.1400's.
I will offer this type for sale as it
offers excellent visibility and
protection for glasses as well. I really
like the four lobe skull, as it has great
possibilities for tooling, and for
modifications, like horns and spiky
Detail of the above helm. This crest is
called "Stallion Charging". A simple,
yet distinctive crest.
A custom Horselord
helm. This is the basic
design, but with colored
horsehair. Very striking,
I feel. The customers
persona name is tooled
across the neck defence
in a modern Futharc
designed for writing in
American English. The
interior was painted
forest green between
layers of hardening.
Detail of the Horselord above left.
This crest is called Stallion Statant.
This one incorporates real white