Occasionally I am asked to make a specific
costume for someone. These costumes are
pieces or sets that fall into different
categories. Some are fantasy or Sci-Fi
based, some are more,,,stimulating, in
The "Zhora" Costume, 2004
I made this costume a couple of years ago for a young woman I know, who
was gracious enough to allow me the use of these photos. This costume is
loosely based on the costume worn by Actress Joanna Cassidy in the film
"Blade Runner".
If you have not seen it, do it now. It rocks.
The bra is made from molded and hardened 8oz leather, and the cut outs were
left un-dyed,  so as to look like bare flesh as they are in the film. The inserts
were hand stitched.
The greaves are made from two layers of 10oz leather, with removable
sabotons and knee cops, and Nickel fittings. The Nickel conchos on the sides
are also removable. The thigh straps were made from silver lame leather, and
yes, they are supposed to hang like that. They did in the movie, after all.
Her belt, collar, and armbands are not my work.
I will be offering this style of bra for sale at a later date.
The Fire Witch, 2006
What can I say? She asked for some kind
of sexy witch costume to wear at our local
Rennaisance Faire, and she got it! All of
these costume pieces are currently
available in the "Garb and Costumes"
catalog. She designed and made her own
skirt and cloak. I am not currently offering
those two items for sale, but that may
change. It was great working on stuff like
this, and I hope to be able to provide more
such costumes in the near future.
The Beast!
I really like this
costume a lot. It is
awkward to move
around in a dark
bar, or crowded
room, and it is a
touch warm, but the
looks people give
are priceless! And
people tend to buy
me drinks when I
wear it!
I made this costume for myself several years ago, for a big local costume contest. While I did
not win THAT crappy contest, I have won or placed in several others since. I apologise for the
picture quality, it was dark, and the camera not so good at night.
The suit is made of 3" long shaggy black fun-fur, mounted to a light jumpsuit that pulls up and
clasps at the shoulders. The head was originally supposed to have cow horns, but I found ram's
horns first, and they turned out great. The head was carved out of a foam bear head. The teeth
are from a water buffalo. The mouth is articulated, and it scares the crap out of people when
they poke at my teeth and I can bite them!
They are not shown, but I am standing on 4" high wooden, cloven hooves. They strap to my feet
over shoes, and are hinged in the middle to allow for more natural walking, but turned out
pretty heavy. My claws are metal, and quite useful for defending myself against drunk
rednecks. They also make a very distinct sound when tapping them on a bar-top or beer bottle!  
I am wearing one of my armour belts, a Wayfarers Pouch, and a burlap loincloth.
Two "Ranger's Mantles". Made form
deerskin and cowshide. Rotating
clasps at the throat.
Goatskin Mantle. This hide
had great texture and
suppleness, despite its