Book Covers Gallery
For some reason, the site building
program no longer recognizes certain
illuminated letters I have. I am sorting
it out now.
Here is the FIRST cover I
did. It does not have the
rolled edge, and was not
quite the right size. It did fit
my Mordheim rulebook
very well though. The
tooling pattern is based on
an old Art Nouveau style. I
do not know what the
original name was, but I call
it "Gaea's Web", as it looks
fairly organic.
This is the prototype for the
basic D&D book cover.
Simple, functional, stylish.
All my covers have hand
stitched, rolled edges.
Here is a custom cover I did for the brother of a woman I
work with.  The style is similar to the "Imperial" novel
cover, but with more tooling.  I think this will be called
"Hammered Imperial", due to the tooling. Black deerskin,
with red cowhide accents, and nickel fittings.