Here you will find various types of armour.
Full suits, defences for arms, legs, and neck,
leather gauntlets, demi gauntlets, and any
other types I feel the need to make. Most of
the armours here are heavy leather, and fully
wearable in SCA style combat. While most are
just leather, some pieces are composites of
leather and metal, some are hardened leather,
some are both.
My own personal armour. Made primarily from 14-15 ounce leather, with 8-10 ounce leather for overlay plates
and details, this coat gets really thick. The scales are about 1/4" on average, overlap their neighbors by 1/2 ",
and overlap the course below them by 3/4".  So in effect, there are areas of this coat that are 1" thick!   Each
scale has been hardened using the same polymer I use in my other helmets and mugs. There are several
hundred of these scales,  but I do not have an accurate count right now. Each course of scales is laced through
the course below it, providing a rigid plate that is harder to get a dagger up underneath, yet still retains
flexibility on the vertical plane. The exception to this is right below the belt, where I had to forgo this step for
the sake of horizontal flexibility. All the scales are laced to a multi-layer canvas coat.
The greaves and bazuband are also made from 1/4" thick leather, with 8-10 ounce tooled overlays. There are
metal plates inbetween the layers of leather. The helmet is made from 8-10 ounce leather, and is heavily tooled
with blessings and chants in anglo saxon runes ( I use a modern Futharc developed for writing in American
English), as are the plates on top of the bazuband, the belt, and the greaves, which provide full coverage for the
The shoulders are in a Rohan style, with pauldron and rebrace both left unadorned. The reason for this is that I
am making another, more decorative pair. These shoulders are the "everyday" set, the next set will be "parade"
armour. The shortsword is slung from belt loops, and the brass clips hanging from them allow me to change the
position of the blade from a casual carry (left) to battle ready (right). I have a baldric which can be worn instead
of the loops. The blade was purchased many years ago from Sky Castles, now known as Badger Blades.
I made the scabbard from two pieces of oak, carved out and lined with deerskin, sandwiched together and
shaped. after the finish was applied, I attached a leather throat to it, with a carved piece of bone for a cabochon.
The baldric slings are not permanently attached, but stay in place very well.

Stay tuned!  More to come!