Fine, handmade leather armour, accessories, costumes, edged
weapons, and artworks.
Eric Hunter, Artist
For the time being, I will not be changing the
gallery links. When I get some new items
posted for sale, I will go back and modify
these pages. I will also be adding a photo
section for the various Renn Faires,
conventions, and Halloween events I attend.
Kind of a blog type thing.
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For quite some time now, I have pondered changing this website to better match my needs and desires as an
artist. To this end, I have decided to switch from a general retail style, to a studio format.
I am hereby removing most of the sale items from this site. While several items will still be available for
order, (Certain popular helmets, mugs, bags, and accessories), the rest of my stock in trade will be posted for
individual sale. That is to say, I will let my mind and fancy wander through the myriad realms of Fantasy,
Science Fiction, and Steampunk, and whatever my hands have wrought will be posted here for sale.
In this way, I hope to be able to create works of wonder and beauty, expand my skill, and bring more of my
heart and soul into my work. Please come back often, and see what my twisted mind has spat out next.
(Hint - Orcs. Yep. Orcs. And I want to make a lamp. Not an Orcy lamp, just a lamp.)
Eric Hunter          11-7-2008